Comstock operates predominantly in the Haynesville shale in North Louisiana and East Texas, which is one of the premier natural gas plays in the United States. We are focused on developing our significant natural gas resource base to provide our customers a long-term and affordable energy source through the implementation of sustainable and safe business practices while achieving long-term financial returns for our stockholders. At Comstock, we are committed to conducting our business in a responsible manner that protects the environment along with the health, safety and security of our employees, contractors and the communities where we operate. Key elements of our business practices which demonstrate our commitment include:
Air Emission Reduction

Beginning in 2019, all of our operated drilling rigs have duel-fuel capability. As a result, current drilling operations are now fueled predominantly by cleaner burning natural gas rather than diesel fuel. In 2016 we implemented a Leak Detection and Repair program in which emissions surveys are conducted with the use of optical gas imaging technology. In 2020, we joined the Environmental Partnership which includes oil and gas industry participants that are committed to continuously improving the industry’s environmental performance.

Minimize Surface Land Disruption

Comstock employs multi-well pad locations and extends the lateral lengths of its wells to minimize our land surface footprint and reduce rig move traffic. The reduced traffic makes our roads safer, requires less fuel for transports and less noise/activity in the communities in which we operate. Prior to developing a well site, we work closely with third-party experts who perform extensive reviews for wetlands, threatened/endangered species and historical cultural resources.

EH&S Management System

Comstock maintains an Employee Health and Safety management system with the goal of achieving operational excellence and an injury-free workplace. The EH&S management system consists of policies, procedures and programs to drive a proactive safety culture and provides for employee training, sets targets and objectives for accountabilities and audit/inspection methods to measure our results and identify improvement opportunities. We work with a third-party contractor management service provider to ensure our contractors are held to the highest performance standards. Under our Stop Work Authority any employee or contractor has the authority and obligation to stop work due to unsafe conditions.

Corporate Governance

Comstock strives to conduct our business in a responsible and ethical manner that is aligned with the interests of all of our stakeholders, including shareholders, debt investors, employees and the communities in which we operate. Recent changes to our 2020 Annual Incentive program added returns-driven and cost-efficiency measures to better align the interest of management with shareholders. Comstock’s Corporate Governance Guidelines and Code of Business Conduct and Ethics drive our commitment to high ethical standards across the organization.

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