To report an emergency regarding any of  
Comstock’s well locations or pipelines, please call:  
Corporate Headquarters:

Comstock Resources, Inc.
Comstock Tower
5300 Town & Country Blvd.
Suite 500
Frisco, Texas 75034
Phone: 972-668-8800
Fax: 972-668-8812

Investor Relations:

Security analysts, investment professionals and shareholders should direct their business-related inquiries to:

Ron Mills
Comstock Resources, Inc.
5300 Town & Country Blvd. Suite 500
Frisco, Texas 75034
Phone: 972-668-8834

Investor Materials:

An investor packet on the Company including the annual report are available by calling 972-668-8800 and asking for investor relations or by email to

Calls Regarding:

Accounts Payable Accounting
phone: 972-668-9791
fax: 972-668-8862

Acquisition or Drilling Prospects
phone: 972-668-0793
fax: 972-668-8875

Oil and Natural Gas Marketing
phone: 972-668-8872
fax: 972-668-8865

Joint Interest Accounting
phone: 972-668-8843
fax: 972-668-8862

Revenue Accounting
phone: 972-668-8845
fax: 972-668-8862

Owner Relations
phone: 972-668-8886
fax: 972-668-8882

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